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Real Estate Mobile Applications

            As the years, months, days, and time passes by, people find ways in order to make our life and work easier. Computers and cellphones are one of the medium they had created. These things are very useful in terms of saving records, datas, important documents, and communication.

            In real estate business before, in advertising, selling, buying, and searching for your home is manually done. You have to put your 100% just to do these things. But as time passes by, by the help of these things we called as Electronic devices, those kind of work is easy as pie. But, those works can’t be done by just the electronic device itself. Electronic devices need help on what we call Applications.

            There are numerous real estate applications available such as:

Google Maps

            Google Maps. This is a must-have application for every real estate agents. This application is very important in terms of navigating places. This application is a guide for them in travelling to every potential property’s addresses. It is easy to use and most of all, you can bring it whenever and wherever you go.  


           CamScanner. This application is also very useful in terms of scanning documents. This is a mobile application in which you will take a snapshot on the document you would like to be scanned or to be shared and send it directly to the particular recipients.


           Dotloop. In this application, you can upload any documents that needed to sign from your client. And when you send it to your client, the client will create an account and verify its identity. There is no need to worry because in this application, the client will not miss any important areas that need to be filled in. The client’s signatures and data are secure and encrypted.

Mortgage Calculator

            Mortgage Calculator. This application helps you understand repayment requirements mortgage will require. This application provides accurate results and tells you your monthly or bi-weekly mortgage payment will be as well as your future payments.


            Vert. This application is a converter tool. As we all know, Real Estate agents deal with lots of different metrics like size, weight, volume, length, width,  and even currency. This app can turn your smartphone into an all-in-one converter that fits your pockets.


            Sitegeist. This application provides interesting data about the surrounding area on the property you want to advertise to your clients like average age of residents, political contributions, average temperature, commuting trends, and popular places nearby. Sitegeist tells your clients what they want to know about each property they visit.


            Dropbox. An application in where you can store documents in the cloud and accessible everywhere. This application’s storage is big enough to save numerous documents. You can also share any of your save documents to your clients, lawyers, and other collaborators.

Sign Easy  

            Sign Easy. This is a great tool for the Real Estate agents who are always on the go. All you have to do is to create an account and “draw” your signature, and start signing documents from any mobile devices. Easy right

            Those are my suggested application that a Real Estate agent must have in their smartphones. These applications can help you in many ways and make your work look easy. What is lack is that, you have to find some property to advertise and you’re ready to go! Good day and Good Luck!